@incollection{KrSmaGro1993, Author = {Kr{\"o}se, Ben and Smagt, Patrick van der and Groen, Frans}, Title = {A one-eyed self-learning robot manipulator}, Year = {1993}, Pages = {19-28}, Editor = {G. Bekey and K. Goldberg}, Publisher = {Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht}, Booktitle = {Neural networks in robotics}, Keywords = {movement brml machine-learning}, Abstract = {A self-learning, adaptive control system for a robot arm using a vision system in a feedback loop is described. The task of the control system is to position the end-effector as accurate as possible directly above a target object, so that it can be grasped. The camera of the vision system is positioned in the end-effector and the visual information is used directly to control the robot. Two strategies are presented to solve the problem of obtaining 3D information from a single camera: a) using the size of the target object and b) using information from a sequence of images from the moving camera. In both cases a neural network is trained to perform the desired mapping.} } @COMMENT{Bibtex file generated on 2018-10-9 with typo3 si_bibtex plugin. Data from https://brml.org/publications/publications/ }