ML for brain-machine interfaces

We investigate various methods to control robotic assistive devices via brain interfaces.  We use surface EMG for controlling the grasp force of the hand as well as the position of the arm in a user-intuitive manner.  To this end, an adaptive system learns the correspondence between the human hand position and orientation and the muscular activity measured at the skin surface.  Thereby we can control to move the arm and grasp an object in teleoperation / telemanipulation.  Such control schemes are also applicable in rehabilitation and orthoses environments.




We use various machine-learning methodologies for processing peripheral neural data.  In particular, we focus on recurrent neural networks and variational autoencoders (VAE) to process and preprocess these data.  

We are furthermore investigating the control of such robots through human cortical implants. In this control scheme, neural signals recorded in the human motor cortex are decoded in continuous motion commands, that are executed by the robot. This combination of state-of-the-art robotics and advanced neuro-prosthesis allow a person with severe physical disabilities to physically interact with their environment again. Our results have been published in Nature in 2012. Further information can be found here.

Other interfaces, including invasive communication with the human peripheral nervous system as well as surface EEG control are within the realm of our research spectrum.

Picture of  Daniela Korhammer

Daniela Korhammer

Picture of  Jörn Vogel

Jörn Vogel

DLR: PhD candidate
BCI robot control
joern.vogeldlrde, +49 8153 28-2166
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Justin Bayer

Picture of  Rachel Hornung

Rachel Hornung

DLR: PhD candidate
rehabilitation robotics
Picture of  Patrick van der Smagt

Patrick van der Smagt

current: Head of AI Research, data lab, VW Group

Previous: Director of BRML labs
fortiss, An-Institut der Technischen Universität München
Professor for Biomimetic Robotics and Machine Learning, TUM

Chairman of Assistenzrobotik e.V.


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