doing your thesis at BRML

When you join us, we expect you to enjoy your work. What counts is your enthusiasm, your independence, your collaboration, and, of course, your results. In many cases, student work leads to a publication, a patent, or both; usually between you and your supervisor(s).

If you graduate (BSc / MSc) at TUM Informatik, the following guidelines apply to you. TUM Informatik has some rules w.r.t. your thesis, as explained here. At BRML, we need you to follow the TUM rules, but also ask you to adhere to the following:

  • write your thesis in English. It will help you to continue your scientific career abroad, or to submit parts of it to a conference or journal for publication.
  • do not write a general intro on standard work (e.g., explaining what a neural network is), which can be read elsewhere.  You should aim at writing a scientific article, possibly ready for publication at a conference.
  • therefore, also: write your main text in about 3000 words; we advise you to use the TUM-IN LaTeX template. (If it's 4000 words, no-one will complain!  The 3000 is a guideline, not a strict rule.)
  • extend it, where necessary, with appendices describing non-scientific, project-related information: data, measurement setup, software, ...  All that stuff necessary to repeat your experiment and replicate your results, but which should not be part of a publication, and need not be read to understand and appreciate your work.

Why do we ask you to follow all of these rules? Simple: we consider a thesis, but also an internship, as a relevant scientific work.  It is intended to teach you how to do science, but also to help us solving interesting scientific problems. Scientific reporting is a part of that; writing tens of pages describing other people's work isn't. You don't want to write that, and your supervisor does not want to read that.

Please, let's get rid of useless writing.

on writing

We have put together some general information on formatting, spelling, writing style, etc.  Make sure you read these documents before you start writing.

application procedure

To apply, please email us with the following information:

  • a letter of interest, including your prospective period of stay (note we normally do not accept students for less than 5 months)
  • a CV
  • a list of courses followed and grades
  • names of references, where applicable
  • reprints of articles or theses, where applicable

Please email all files as PDF to:


Picture of  Patrick van der Smagt

Patrick van der Smagt

current: Head of AI Research, data lab, VW Group

Previous: Director of BRML labs
fortiss, An-Institut der Technischen Universit√§t M√ľnchen
Professor for Biomimetic Robotics and Machine Learning, TUM

Chairman of Assistenzrobotik e.V.