@article{Sma1994a, Author = {Smagt, Patrick van der}, Title = {Simderella: a robot simulator for neuro-controller design}, Journal = {Neurocomputing}, Year = {1994}, Volume = {6}, Number = {2}, Pages = {281--285}, Publisher = {Elsevier Science Publishers}, Keywords = {brml}, Abstract = {Simderella is a general purpose Public Domain simulator of robot manipulator kinematics. It was developed over the course of several years to aid my research in neural networks for robot arm control. Simderella is intended to be a tool for speeding development of controllers for robot arms. Computational efficiency is essential for controllers, and can be best evaluated by separating controller and simulator processes. Such a separation facilitates code modularity and code migration to extant platforms connected to real robot arms. The operation of the separate processes is synchronised by message passing. Under Unix, sockets are the most widely supported method for interprocess communication. For example, shell pipes are implemented using sockets. The three programs which constitute Simderella: connel, simmel, and bemmel, communicate over sockets. Connel is the controller, and should be programmed by the neural network experimenter. Simmel is the actual robot simulator, and calculates (among other things) the forward kinematics. Bemmel is an X-window based program for robot visualisation.} } @COMMENT{Bibtex file generated on 2018-10-9 with typo3 si_bibtex plugin. Data from https://brml.org/people/smagt/ }